Best Advertising For Night Clubs In NYC

In regards to available advertising for night clubs NYC media outlet offers, there are plenty of opportunities for promoting your night club. There are many avenues to choose from, but the most common are radio, print, TV, and newspaper. Television is not used as often, but we’ll cover more about that later on.

When all is said and done, the best advertising for your night club is ‘in house’. You got it. If you’re always delivering –

Great Promotions
Good Music
Excellent Service
Great Food & Fun
Professional Management

And provide a secure environment, then the word-of-mouth advertising from that will keep you going.

Radio – This medium seems to always be growing. For years people avoided it, mostly because of the brevity of the ads. It only played for a minute or so, sometimes less. They weren’t thinking about the effectiveness of even a short radio blast. They felt their target customers weren’t always listening to their radios, so it was a waste of time and money.

The thing is, they were wrong. We live in a very ‘music-loving’ society. There are new cars using their sound systems as a huge selling point. Imagine how many hours a day people spend in their cars. Radio is an excellent way to reach your target audience. Repetition is what makes it work. If you’re persistent, sooner or later your radio ads will reach a huge part of your target audience.

Lots of people switched their advertising from print to radio. Some have reduced their newspaper budget and raised it on the radio side for their night club advertising. Radio has emerged as a very powerful medium. It’s also expensive. The worst side of it is in the production.

Nightclub Ad

Lots of radio stations let their secretaries, DJs, or anyone they have to produce a radio ad for you. This is especially true if you’re from a smaller community. The radio stations in the larger cities usually have production departments where professionals do your ads. This makes a huge difference in the writing and the production.

Today, whether or not you’re from a small town doesn’t matter. You can get your ads professionally written and produced regardless of where you live. Some of you may be wondering – where is that?

Let me tell you – It is Chuck Fresh.

With Chuck you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Drop by his site and see for yourself. He has 3 different sites where promotes his services. There are even some examples for you to listen to before making a decision to see if it’s what you want. I have personally used his services before and I can attest to the fact that – HE DELIVERS!

If you’re in need of some top quality advertising for New York City Nightlife, then Chuck Fresh is your man.

Radio prices have gone through the roof. You’ll see that they’ll want to enter into a contract with you saying it can potentially save on money. In a way, yes, in another way, no. They’ll try to jack you around price-wise. It’s the old push to ‘buy in volume’ to save, but it’s still more than you want to spend. So negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

You never see night clubs in NYC being advertised on TV. If you live in a small community, let a professional company produce your ad and have it played on your local radio station. I promise you’ll be glad your nightclub is being put out on the radio.

Welcome to Skywaves!

Sky Waves Radio


The Skywaves groups cater for the hobby of long-distance radio and television reception.  We also cover many other types of digital and analogue broadcasting.

“Skywaves” began in 1995 as the monthly bulletin of the British FM & TV Circle.  We started with only a small handful of members, but membership quickly grew and today the membership has grown far beyond our expectations with almost 800 members spread across the groups!  Skywaves members come from all corners of the world.  We are proud that the names “Skywaves” and the “British FM & TV Circle” have come to be known and respected globally.

We have earned a reputation of being a friendly group with a membership who have a willingness to help others. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced radio operator or are just starting out in the hobby and want some advice, everybody is welcome!


You can join either (or both) of our Yahoo Groups.  There’s one for FM and TV DX and one for medium wave DX.  Click on either of these links or go to the Yahoo buttons at the top of the right margin.

We also cover a variety of other topics such as satellite TV and radio, digital broadcasting (DAB and DTT) reception, scanning, offsets, tropical bands, etc.  As long as it’s relevant to DXing you can post anything you like.  Member’s posts may include their latest reception news, details of their receivers and arials, propagation conditions and much more.

Membership used to be through a subscription to our Skywaves magazine, but over the years this was used less and less and so the Yahoo Groups and Skywaves Chat facilities have gradually taken over, reducing the need for the magazine.

So what is DXing?

“DX” means “distance” and in our case involves the reception of radio and TV stations over large distances.  It involves the skills of operating sometimes complex receiving equipment and specialist aerial systems for the purpose of extracting distant broadcast signals.  It is about hearing radio stations well beyond their usual coverage areas.  But as our members know, the use of simple domestic equipment is often more than enough to enable you to hear exotic DX *if* you know when and where to listen.

What’s the point?

People often ask “what is the point of this unusual hobby?”  It is a difficult question to answer. It is also a hobby some people may not be familiar with and therefore it will not immediately be easy to understand the buzz we get out of it.  Most people probably have a hobby of one sort or another, but to actually describe the fun you get out of it is very difficult.  Some have compared the radio hobby to fishing since you are trying to catch something.

It’s often a very sociable hobby too as DX trips are often organised between members, particularly in the warmer summer months when members find the trips can be very relaxing and rewarding, very much like fishing.  Such trips enable members to erect huge antenna systems which would typically not be possible from home.

Our members would probably argue that we have one of the most fulfilling hobbies anybody could have.  We believe many people may be interested without actually realising it too.  Have you ever tuned up and down the radio to try and find a more interesting station to listen to?  Or have you ever scanned through the TV channels only to discover new stations and maybe wonder what they were?  To a large degree this is very much what our hobby is about – searching out distant stations and listening to them, or collecting loggings or recordings of the stations received and then moving on to the next, trying to break distance records or hear new countries.

Skywaves Chat Room

For exchanging up-to-the-minute DX news and reports you can join our chatroom which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!  All you have to do is download and isntall the Skype platform on your computer.  Visit and grabe the latest version.  Once installed search for user “skywavesdx” and send a join request.  More information here.

John Faulkner, Skywaves Administrator