Your Action By Step Guide to Winning Your Next Radio Contest



Find out the two primary factors behind radio contests, why radio stations provide things away and how you can utilize this to your benefit, and how you can call in and win a radio contest by yourself. This lens is composed of an insider’s viewpoint by a 7-year veteran in radio: A disc jockey who dealt with among the top radio shows in two Arbitron rating markets, and who regularly handled contests and free gifts.

Every year thousands of dollars worth of fantastic things is provided away over the airwaves – performance tickets, toys, raffles, vehicles, cash, therefore much more. However, it’s not the just possibility they occur to select somebody! Yes, the disc jockey is trying to find a fun personality, but there’s likewise some techniques you can use – perfectly legally, naturally – to increase your chances of winning those tickets to Pearl Jam or that Little Tykes truck for your nephew.

In this lens, you’ll learn exactly what DJs throughout America are trying to find when they host a radio giveaway, and it will provide you an upper hand and better chances of playing the game to win.

Why Do They Offer Things Away? – 2 Factors Why It’s Truly Smart Marketing – And Great for You

Radio stations offer things away for two reasons. Those are:

1. To advertise a product for their advertisers

2. To increase word of mouth for their channel

Now think about why this works.

Distributing a product to promote a product is incredibly talented marketing, and radio stations remain in the business of marketing. When an organization gives something away, they instantly get A HEAP of positive buzz around their name, since the individuals that are aiming to win that product inform their good friends (either to obtain those good friends to strive to win as well or to receive them to hire on their behalf). After winning, the successful individual (or people … a fair amount of stations distribute more than among something) discusses exactly what they won. This adds up to an increased audience for the radio station, which indicates higher expense for radio advertisements (called “areas”), and a much healthier bottom line for the station owner.

You CAN NOT replace the effect of terrific buzz around a company name. Services vast and small have been known to live or die based on word of mouth.

This is win-win for the radio station because in practically each case, the item is handed out as part of a promo, so the overhead expense is just about zero. The business they partner with, who offers or makes the item, provides it to the radio station to distribute in exchange for some airtime. The expense of a giveaway is nothing more than paying the video jockey in the studio, who they’re * already * paying to sit there and talk. In exchange for a little airtime, which (trust me) they can sell at a considerable premium, the radio station can possibly get the advantage of a vast quantity of word of mouth.

What this indicates for you is that you have the chance to win something you otherwise would never have bought, all for a minute or less of your time.

Likewise Remember: The Disc Jockey desires everybody to hear who won – he wants his audience to obtain thrilled about the winner also. As you hire, keep in mind he’s going to tape-record your call and, if it’s a winner, play it back on-air. He wants that winning call to sound great. Your task is to be his ideal winner. Make him want to utilize your call. Simply remember the kind of station you’re calling, the kind of program the DJ’s got, and make your voice complement it.